Monday, November 19, 2007

Celebrating 60 in Alaska

2007 is the year Andy and Nancy both celebrate 60! In June we took a two week vacation in Alaska to commerate this milestone in our lives. What a wondeful adventure! The beauty, majesty and power of water and mountains have always spoken to our hearts. We had been on an Alaskan cruise 8 years ago for our 30th anniversary and discovered that Alaska had an abundance of water and mountains ~ it restored our souls. So we went back ~ and invited our children to join us this time.

The first week Andy and I spent on our own up in the vast, beautiful Denali National Park and the quaint little town of Talkeetna. We enjoyed exploring in a variety of ways...a plane ride over and around Mt. McKinley, an ATV jaunt up into the hills, hiking thru the forest enjoying the wild life, and an afternoon boat ride on the 3 rivers converging around Talkeetna.

We met up with the Gary, Aimee, Joel and Sarah in Ankorage and headed down to Whittier to begin our cruise. (Sarah has a couple of great posts about the trip on her blog in June 2007 if you would like more details.)

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