Saturday, August 29, 2009

Early Morning Bike Ride

I have been doing a lot of biking this summer. Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to take a ride. I really love the trails up in the area where we sail the White Iris. The first six miles was on the Mariner's Trail from Manitowoc to Two Rivers. It's all right on the shore of Lake Michigan and just beautiful. There are several wonderful gardens planted and maintained by gardners from the area. The shoreline is accessable from several rest stops along the way where travelers relax and enjoy a picnic. Many wildflowers and berry bushes crowd along the path and of course there are lots of sea gulls. Historical Markers let you know what's out there and where the sunken ships lie beneath the water. In Two Rivers I hit the streets for a couple of miles, passing the Washington House where ice cream Sundaes were created back in 1881 and then riding along the beaches north of Two Rivers. Right past the kids park I catch the Rawley Point Recreactional Trail which winds along one of Wisconsin's Rustic Roads and then several miles through the forest. This trail is also about 6 miles long and ends up in the Point Beach State Park. There I stop and wander along the beach and enjoy Rawley's Point Lighthouse before heading south again. I linger on the beach at the Two Rivers Pier Light and then head back to Manitowoc to visit the Lighthouse and Pier Light there. The Badger pulls into the harbor after it's four hour trip across the pond from Ludington, MI. I probably went 25-28 miles on my ride...a great way to start the day.

Up the Mast

Early in the season Andy had some work to do on the top of the mast ~ which meant a trip up on a bosun's chair. Two friends from the dock helped rig the chair and get him started, but to get up to the top, you hoist yourself. Our mast is about 40 feet tall so this was no small feat...and as it turned out, he ended up going up and down twice that morning. What a guy!

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On the Pond

Last weekend Anne and Bill Barber were in the area camping so we went our for dinner Friday night and they joined us on the water on Sunday. It was a pretty day, tho not much wind. We enjoyed catching up and eating lunch.

A friend who has the slip just across from ours offered to take some pictures of the White Iris under sail. So, here she is!