Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Official

In December I turned 62 and filled out the I had a phone call from THE office...answered a few questions...and BINGO, I'm officially on Social Security! Payments start in February. I'm not sure I'm ready for it but when I look at close up pictures of me with the grandkids, I see the wrinkles on my face, and I know I must be. For a while I thought I was using the wrong makeup or too much makeup. Then I thought maybe the wrinkles were there because I have lost weight since April. Alas, I may have been fooling myself. I still have three years until I go on Medicare. I wonder what will be happening to my body by then. Patch, Patch, Patch!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years in Colorado

Bonus! We were able to go from VA to CO to welcome the new year with Sarah, Joel and Anders. How great is that? Anders is all boy ~ busy and adventuresome, fun loving and engaged. He's starting to work on his vocabulary and it was cute to hear his attempts at adding more. He also got two new teeth while we were there. Working around naps can be a challenge but we had great fun playing, eating, reading, and just observing. One night we went with friends to the Zoo Lights display and then home for pizza together. Great fun. The guys watched lots of football and of course we ate well, too. We worked on several home projects and even got Anders settled into his new big boy room upstairs. Andy and I spent a couple of days out in Winter Park skiing in the cold and snow. Baby #2 is scheduled to arrive in July, so another grandchild will join in the fun next Christmas!

Christmas in Virginia

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas ~ with a newborn coming home from the hospital just in time to to join in the celebration! Little Ryan is just adorable, a sweet, easy baby and much loved by his sisters, Faith and Avery. We were out shopping one afternoon and a clerk asked the girls, "What was your favorite Christmas gift?" and without hesitation Faith exclaimed, "My new baby brother!"
Our time in VA centered around caring for Ryan but we managed to get in a few Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for the wonderful Christmas light show, an afternoon at Bass Pro, sledding and making a snowman, baking spritz and cup cakes for Jesus' birthday party. We are so grateful to be able to go and be a part of it all. We flew in on the day of the big snowstorm on the east coast.