Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My first trip to UTAH

       Today we drove from Sarah and Joel's home in Denver to the Northern Entrance into Zion National Park in Utah.  This is my first trip to Utah - and I have fallen in love with it already.  We spent about ten hours in the car, enjoying the scenery along the way. You take interstate 70 all the way to the end and turn south onto interstate 15 - about 500 miles.   It was cold and gloomy through Summit and Eagle Counties in Colorado - some snow and aspens at their peak mixed in.  It cleared as we got to the Glenwood Springs area.  I had forgotten how pretty it is between Eagle and Glenwood Springs...it has been years since we have been out that way.

        We didn't hike today, but we did stop at several scenic overlooks.  Some of my pictures were taken from the car in motion and some at the overlooks.  All of them are along 70 in Utah....

        I found Utah to be vast and varied, barren and bold, massive and majestic, stark and stunning.  The skies are big and blue....the rock formations are interesting and colorful....you can see for miles and miles in the valleys.

God is so very creative and generous!  I am looking forward to hiking and exploring Zion National Park in the next couple of days.