Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What day is it?

I could not tell you what day of the week it is...the past few days have been a blur.  Andy has been up super early the past two days taking friends to the airport.  He was ready for bed by 9 tonight.  Me, I needed a few minutes on Facebook to see what you all are doing.  There sure are a lot of birthdays in the last week of November.

I served a Midwest staple tonight...meatloaf, green beans witha new twist...smash potatoes.  Nine of us really enjoyed it!  I am still amazed at the nice weather and how much we enjoy eating outside.

Talked quite a while with a woman who has been in Pakistan and Afghanistan the past 25 years!  What stories of faith, heartache, intrigue, and danger she had to tell.  She's on her way to Greece to offer humanitarian help to refugees for a few weeks.  Very interesting and enlightening.  

I needed to go to the mall this afternoon to get some additional Tupperware type boxes for baked goods.  I discovered some goodies in the freezer that were getting frost bite because they were in plastic bags with zipper closures that had split open.  Not good!  Got the freezer repacted and organized.

While at Carrefour they had a little ceremony honoring soldiers who had died in war.  We call them heroes - they call them martyrs.  All the employees lined up along two of the main aisles.  It was quiet for a minute.  Newspaper photographers were there taking pictures of some of the dignitaries who attended..  I'm thinking it was connected to National Day being celebrated this week.


The main aisle with all the high end stores was all decked out...eagle and all.




Many of the stores were getting in on the celebration, too.


Some of you may remember my story about not being able to find my car in this malls parking lot last year...I now take a pic of the nearest sign by my car...not going to let that happen again!

Better get to bed...we have some errands to run at ACE Hardware and IKEA tomorrow.  Then we are going to explore a new walkway along a new canal in town.  Tune in tomorrow night for more...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, Monday

A busy day today with a trip to the local grocery store in the mall.  I didn't  have a huge long list but as most grocery stores in the States, they change the location of foods in the store about once a year.  So, things I wanted weren't where they were last year or the year before.  Keep in mind this is a store bigger than most Super Walmart stores.  I got in a few thousand steps today!

Then I discovered I had not gotten the house debit card from Andy.  Good thing I had enough dirham!  By gum, I have the debit card now - secure in my purse along with the Carrefour points card. 

My new friend Thelma spent all day baking cookies for me to have on hand.  What a gem!  She and Patrick leave on Wednesday for home.  I will miss her...she and I work and think alike.  It's been fun getting to know her!

Tonight I served apricot salsa chicken and rice with pepper corn, fresh rolls topped off with spice cake and ice cream.   

Did I tell you that on Thanksgiving we saw Chris and Laura a neat young couple we met last year.  Each of them told me that they think of us every week or two when they make my apricot salsa chicken!  I'm now internationally for one of my recipes.  What a hoot!

Andy has been working on projects around the house and answering emails.  Today one of the 3 modems in the house died so it had to be replaced...

We are getting to know a young couple who is in town for doctor appointments...she is pregnant with their 1st child and they found out about 8 days ago he had cancer.  He has already had surgery and will have chemo.  They are in town to find a doctor for her and the best place for chemo for him.  Very challenging but they are in good spirits and trusting God.

It's so nice to spend time outside.  We love eating the evening meal by candlelight out in the courtyard.  I will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow night.
I haven't taken many pictures as I have taken so many in the last couple of years...

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Celebration Dinner

Tonight we went out for a wonderful meal with friends. The food was fabulous and plentiful.  We all left the restaurant wishing we could walk home.
Not sure how I will sleep tonight -
either really well or not at all!


Al Arrab is is in the Uptown Mall and serves Lebanese food.  We had the dining room to ourselves.  When we arrived it was a little too breezy to ear outdoors.
By the time we left it was quite nice.

Our hosts had ordered an assortment of foods beforehand.  It was five or six courses and every bite was yummy and pleasing to the eye and palate!



The bread is soooo good!


The spices are sooooo tasty!



Our hosts who are leaving in the morning to be with their kids and grandkids for Christmas...


The birthday Girl....


Friends leaving on Wednesday to go back to the States.


A very fun evening - and we have enough food for lunch tomorrow.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new day

It's Saturday night here and Aimee her family should be home by now.  Miss them already.

Busy day here at the house.  Made turkey pot pies for dinner - our favorite Thanksgiving turkey leftovers recipe.  Had mandarin orange salad on the side with hot fudge brownies and ice cream for dessert. Only 12 for supper and we had just enough. 

We are really enjoying new friends, Thelma and helpful and encouraging.  

Had a bunch bananas gone bad so just finished making three loaves of banana nut bread.  The whole house smells good. It's 9:00 - I'm ready to wrap them up and then go to bed!!  Really weary after a very busy but fun week!!!

Friday evening

Aimee and Gary leave for home tonight at 11:30.  Andy, Avery and Ryan hadn't been to Global Village so we spent a couple hours there after the races.


The Yemen pavilion...wonderful display of fresh spices...



Some of the vendors were pretty pushy and in your face - this guy just smiled....


Honey for many choices from all over the Middle East...


Avery getting a sample...


A vendor offered Ryan a juice sample...


Nuts from Iran looked good....didn't recognize some of them.


Ryan was in rare form...


The Indian pavilion was beautiful all lit up...



Ryan didn't want to cooperate by being in the picture - then hermanaged the perfect photo bomb!




This is the new 2nd entrance to the Village - for VIPs.  Don't ask me how you get to be a VIP tho...


Some Arab men doing a traditional dance... 


The last fruit smoothie on their last night in Dubai!


Hundreds and hundreds streaming in when we left at about 6:45.  Party on!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Redeemer Church of Dubai

It's Friday and we all went to Redeemer this morning.  Our pastor, Dave Furman, (a Wheaton grad) has done a two part series these first 2 Fridays we have been here.  Last week was 'Can Christians Get Depressed?' From his own journey, he shared that it can and does happen.  We as believers can get depressed. This week he answered the question, 'How Can We Help the Hurting?'  He had 10 helpful ideas and suggestions - very helpful.  He's an authentic and caring person, plus a good communicator.  

We love the worship and the music.  The closing song was Jordan Kauflin's 'All I Have Is Christ.'  A stirring song/tune and encouraging answer to our deepest needs.

We love the people and the services at Redeemer.

After church many members gather at Al Ghurair Centre for lunch.  We went there as well.  We had American burgers/chicken, Turkish and Indian food.  It was great.  After lunch the kids checked out the indoor play area, complete with an ice rink, bumper cars, a roller coaster, carousel and dozens of electronic toys and games. It's mind boggling!






This is the lobby of the mall - the food court is off to the right on the top floor.

Phase two of our day we were off to the camel races held at a local camel  club out on the Al Ain - Dubai Road.  Obviously the races were new to the Marx family.  

On your mark...get set...




The officials are very kind and welcoming.  They let the few spectators who come get as close to the camels as they like/as they are comfortable.  It's petty amazing.

One cameraman told us the races were televised on local TV stations.


On your mark....get set...




As you can see, I had a ring side seat.


Really cool!

I talked with a woman from the tourism office who was gathering information about the camel club and races.  She wondered if I had been there before and how I liked it. They want to advertise and have more people come to see the races....without attracting too many tour groups and buses.  


I'm a pretty avid fan - I think it's a hoot!


As you can see from all these pictures!


Here's the gang at the finish line...


Fortunately I have not had any of the camels spit at me.  A fun afternoon of free entertainment!