Friday, October 31, 2008

Anders Dedication

We just got back from a week in Colorado ~ time with Sarah, Joel and Anders as well as time at the annual CareGivers Forum. It was a beautiful week with great weather. The highlight of the week was the opportunity to participate in the home dedication ceremony for little 8 week old Anders.

CareGivers Forum at Glen Eyrie

CareGivers Forum was at beautiful Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs again this year. What a wonderful spot to gather, renew friendships, worship, and enjoy God's incredible creation.
We are serving on the steering committee for the forum and have lead a small group during the conference for several years. Andy served as emcee this year, too. This is an amazing group of people who serve the kingdom of God by serving pastors in a wide variety of ministries. Check it out ~ there is a directory of these ministries and one of them might be just what your pastor needs.

We enjoyed hiking from Glen Eyrie down into the Garden of the Gods one afternoon.

A hike on Saturday took me to the top of the Incline in Manitou Springs ~ it is a challenging climb and unbelieveable views of the Springs. I personally hiked up the hiking trail and partway down the Incline ~ then my thighs starting thumping and I went back to the hiking trail. My legs ached for about 5 days after.

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Yoga Toes

Ever had a problem with your toes? Something the doctor attributes to arthritis or the chiropractor blames on slip on shoes? You might want to try Yoga Toes. It SEEMS to be helping my problem ~ I'll have to give it a bit more time and get back to you though. I've only had them a couple of weeks and it may be wishful thinking on my part.