Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lots of Good Times in the Rockies

What could be more fun that Christmas in the Colorado Rockies at a fabulous condo with your kids and grand kids? It was a bit of a challenge keeping up with the nap schedules, the variety of ages and stages and interests, as well as the the food prep and diaper changes, but we managed quite a few fun activities. I take way too many pictures (is that possible?) and am only sharing a few of the hundreds (don't you love digital cameras?).
We spent time in the hot tub, did some shoveling and playing in the snow outside the condo, visited downtown Frisco one night, and went tubing at Copper on Christmas Eve. On the way out of town to head back to Denver, we stopped at Smash Burgers...been there yet? It's pretty good!

A Winter Wonderland on a Two Horse Open Sleigh

Thursday at dusk we headed off to the Copper Mountain Stables for a sleigh ride through the meadow at the base of the ski slopes. It was magical as the snow fell, we sang Jingle Bells, the guide told stories of the logging and mining days, and of course the horses snorted and sniffed.
We stopped at a warm tent in the woods to make smores, drink hot chocolate and sang songs along with the gal playing the guitar...even did the hokey pokey which was a BIG hit with the kids. It was dark when we headed back ~ the mountains were dark, the stars were out, and all was quiet.

Fun in the Snow of Summit County

It snowed on Sunday and Monday, but the rest of the week it was clear, blue skies and plenty of sunshine for our fun in the mountains. On Monday Faith took ski lessons at Copper while Andy, Joel and Gary skied/boarded. Aimee, Sarah, Avery, Anders, and I took turns going to the sledding hill in Silverthorne (working around nap times). Tuesday found Gary, Aimee, Joel and Sarah snowmobiling at Good Times in Breckenridge. You'll have to ask them about the return trip down the mountain ~ it was quite a ride! The rest of us met up with them at noon to switch cars and little ones. In the afternoon Faith, Avery, Andy and I went dog sledding and was it fantastic. We each got to the mush the dogs ~ flying over open fields and through the woods. Quite exciting! Wednesday Gary, Faith, and Andy hit the slopes again and had a wonderful time. Andy said it was the best day of skiing he ever had ~ helping Faith gain confidence and skill. By the end of the day they were able to go down at least one blue run. Aimee and Sarah took Avery and Anders swimming at the Silverthorne Rec Center in the morning and in the afternoon Avery and I had a fun trip up to Breckenridge to see the snow sculptures and to do some shopping.
At one point in the car driving out Avery was enjoying the sights and wonderful scenery and then said, "I could live here."

Family Shots in Denver

Denver had no snow for Christmas, but the weather was nice and we enjoyed some adventures and celebrations together before and after our time in the mountains. Jesus, Ryan, and Nancy all had birthdays...with gifts and cakes and songs. We played at the park, hiked at Red Rocks, and spent an evening at the 16th Street Mall. Faith and Avery even got to be a part of the Christmas Eve service at church ~ serving as angels. Many thanks to Sarah and Joel who hosted us!
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