Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Northern Coast of Michigan

Enjoying the sights and sounds of four very different towns...Frankfort, Leland, Northport, and Charlevoix. Each one had interesting history and local flavor. Charlevoix was my favorite.
P.S. As I am writing this in Wisconsin, the winds are howling and building...we're supposed to get 35 mile an hour winds much of the day on Tuesday. Glad I'm safe at home...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Power of God in the Wind and the Waves

We spent some time on the Michigan coast last week, exploring Frankfort, Leland, Northport, and Charlevoix on our sailboat, the White Iris. For several days it was hot and humid ~ hard to sleep at night in our little v-berth with sleeping bags rated to 20 below! Then on Wednesday we discovered a change in the weather coming ~ and we were as far north as we had planned to be ~ over 120 miles from Manitowoc where we keep the boat.
So, we cut our stay short and headed for Frankfort. We got there just before the winds and waves expressed their fury. Gale force winds at 30-35 knots, with gusts up to 40 knots...waves as high as 10-12 feet. Our 32 foot boat got tossed and turned, day and night. Now it was hard to sleep at night because of the roar of the winds, the cold, and the movement of the boat. Quite a change! We were held there from Thursday to Sunday when there was a small break in the weather...then Monday the winds were coming back in force until at least Wednesday.
So, off we went around 8 Sunday morning. It is about 70 nautical miles across from Frankfort to Manitowoc...normally it would take about 10 1/2 hours. But this was not a normal day. The waves were at least 6-8 feet as we left the harbor and we were headed into the wind, coming at us at about 20 knots. The first 25 miles took us hours to navigate...we were beat up already and just getting started. Then we hit about 15-18 miles of calmer seas and lower winds. Ahhh...we should be just fine.
It was not to be...the wind came around to the southwest and picked back up to 20 knots. The waves went wild ~ tho not quite as high. I thought we would never see land. About 10-12 miles out, the winds died down again and we were able to sail in, arriving in rain and dark about nearly 10 at night. What a day...the longest day of my life.
I've always loved the water...grew up enjoying the pool at the country club and Geneva Lake at my Grandparent's cottage. Water (and mountains) brings me close to God ~ His mighty power, majesty, and greatness, as well as His generous creativity. On this day, the water brought we close to Him as a refuge and a safe harbor. I spent much of the day praying and reviewing Scripture passages of His care and keeping.