Sunday, June 23, 2013

Training on the Lake Country Trail

The El Camino
We started talking about it with guests 18-24 months was just an idea.  After several months, Andy said one day, "I've been thinking about the Camino."  I replied, "So have I!"  By January 2013, we had decided we would do September-October this year.
We visited REI and browsed the internet.  We bought backpacks and had them adjusted by a very patient man at REI.  We spent 1 1/2 hours at the little sports shoe store in Delafield.  The gal was very kind and helpful.  Shoes were ordered and socks were purchased.  
We started training when the weather was favorable in April and got serious about it in early May...biking, walking, lifting weights.
The trail we use the most is about 3/4 of a mile from Cedarly and is called The Lake Country Recreation Trail.  A couple of years ago they did major work on it  and now it is paved the whole way...15 miles...just right for our purposes both walking and biking.
This morning we left at 6:40 am.  The weather was nice and off we went.  Lots of people use the path on the weekends...families, groups of couples biking, individuals of all shapes, sizes and ages.  Everyone is friendly.
Several have stopped and talked with us, asking what we are training for since we are carrying loaded backpacks.  We tell them about the Camino.  They are excited for us.  Many say they look forward to running in to us on the trail after we get back to hear about how it goes.  They are intrigued.  
We got back home about 11:45...15 miles in 5 hours.  We were really moving right the 80 degree heat.  Not pretty.  I didn't have to re-tie my shoes once, but I had to mop up my face many times!
We're getting ready.  This week getting airline tickets is on the top of our To Do List!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nine Days Managing the Busy Schedules of Three Grand-kids in Georgia

This year was Aimee and Gary's 15th wedding anniversary and they invited me to come to Georgia to care for their their kids while they enjoyed 9 days in Italy and Switzerland!  How cool is that (for ME and for them).
As most young families in the suburbs, they lead very active lives with church activities, sports, school, friends...the list goes on and on.
I was exhausted by the end, but we had a wonderful time and checked off everything on Mom's list.  I had sorta forgotten how many lunches and snacks had to be made during this stage of life!

Mama Fox and Her Little Ones

Some call them kits, some call them cubs, others call them pups...  Me?  I call them cute!
We enjoyed 2-3 days when they played in the grass just outside the front door at Cedarly.
It was amazing...we stood mesmerized for about an hour one guests at the time so it was calm and quiet.  Quite a privilege actually!
Thank you, Lord!

Good Times with Dear Friends from Rockford

What could be better than a weekend with dear friends from high school days in Rockford?!?
This is the 2nd year we have gotten away to catch up, explore, remember, encourage, laugh, eat, counsel, and enjoy one another.  We hope to do it more often in the future!
 I'm sure we look just the same so you won't have trouble recognizing
Cheryl Goldy, Ginny Brass, Cindy Peterson, and Nancy Ekedahl!
March 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

Colorado in March....we went out to help care for the boys during a busy testing time at school for Sarah.  You can see we enjoyed the boys and had great weather!

A Beautiful Day at Cedarly

Our last winter at Cedarly ~ 2013