Friday, August 15, 2008

Upper Room Dedication

On Sunday, June 22nd, we held an Open House/Dedication for the UPPER ROOM. It took a lot of time and effort in the spring to get it finished and ready, but we are so grateful to have it available for use.
This first picture gives you a glimpse of the stairway up to the room. One of our wonderful volunteers donated this beautiful stained glass window from an old church in the Milwaukee area. He prepared the frame and mounted it in the window space at the bottom on the stairs. It is a fabulous addition as people enter and leave the quiet of the Upper Room.

From this angle you can see how functional this space is for groups...a large table (seats 10-12) near the countertop, sink, and refrigerator and then the comfortable seating for more informal gatherings.

We still need to raise funds to dig a well and install a pump to provide water for the kitchenette and the bathroom in the Upper Room. We would also like to install a gas stove at the far end of the living room space for additonal ambiance and heat in the winter.
On the aftenoon of the celebration, guests placed a rock of remembrance just outside the entrance to the Upper Room as they prayed, thanking God for what He has done in providing such a wonderful place for groups to pray and plan. We cannot describe how much pastors in the area have loved coming to the Upper Room in the past few weeks. Several groups have used it (some a couple of times already). We are also using it as a back up for pastors to use when the Prayer House is full for the day they wanted to come. Resident guests have also spent time up there and enjoyed the quiet, peaceful time with God. Join us in thanking God for each volunteer and each donation that made it possible, and now each pastor who comes...

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