Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lighthouses Along Wisconsin Shores

Andy and I just got back from our trip north on the White Iris. The weather was fantastic and we are grateful. Unfortunately we did not actually SAIL much at all...most of the trip we had to use the motor. It was great fun in any case with no engine trouble or high seas.
We are getting to know the "signs" along the way north and around Door County...the lighthouses, cans and nuns along the shore, in the harbors, and on the islands. They guide us and warn us...we welcome their help and their beauty.
Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Rawley's Point, Sturgeon Bay, Menominee (MI), Chambers Island, Washington Island, Fayette(MI), Plum Island, Pilot Island, Bailey's Harbor, Cana Island.
Hundreds of ships lay in the depths of Lake Michigan...they have stories of their own to tell. We are happy to have made it safely home, even through Death's Door at the north end of Door County.
Come sail with us!

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