Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in VA and PA

As I posted this, I realized again how much Avery LOVES really shines through in her choices in clothes, shoes, hats, and headbands! We had such fun with the school activities, birthday celebrations for Faith's 8th birthday, and soccer. We went downtown on Saturday and took the Canal Boat Tour which they all three seemed to enjoy.

Sunday afternoon Andy, Faith and Avery went to a baseball game ~ something Aimee arranged through Faith's school. Looks like they had a fun time eating their way through the afternoon.

We spent the afternoon at Independence Mall in downtown Philly before taking Faith to the airport to meet up with her Nana and Grandpa to go on the grand adventure to Scotland and England. There were hundreds of school groups (or so it seemed) down there that Thursday, but we enjoyed the self guided tour of the Mint, the Liberty Bell, the various statutes, as well as Washington Park. It was a nice day and didn't start raining until we were half way to the car.

Friday morning before we left New Holland to head home, Janet took us over the Lapp Valley to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the farm. Ryan isn't shy around the huge cows at all and Avery enjoyed the newborn kittens.

We got home Sunday afternoon just in time to get out to Cedarly to welcome a full house full of guests for the week...tired but very happy we could help make it possible for Aimee to go on her 6th missions trip to Romania

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