Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nothing Like It...

Nothing like being with family at Thanksgiving!

This year we were in Colorado with Joel, Sarah, Anders (3) and Cade (16 months). We had great weather and a fun time together. On Monday we moved Cade up from the nursery to his big boy room and Joel/Sarah's office down to the former nursery. It's all up and running, complete with decorated walls! A good job done.

Another day we spent the morning at Denver's new IKEA...lots of great ideas! We also visited dear friends...Dan and Julie in their newly renovated kitchen/living space, and Larry, Fran and Bekah at Chick fil a.

On Friday before we left for home, we spent the morning at the Denver Zoo. What a great place!

Thanksgiving was a relaxing day at home. We fed the boys at noon and put them down for naps. Then finished up the food prep and enjoyed a nice quiet turkey dinner!

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