Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Hurrah in Shanghai

Suzhou had 10-15 different bridal shops!

The boat dropped us off at the Town Square where there was lots of action. 

Couldn't resist...another young boy with the split pants!

This was a long distance shot of the pagoda at Tiger Hill, a park teeming with historical legends.  Unfortunately we didn't get to go up there to walk around.

Had to throw in a shot of some of the phone/electrical wires...this one was pretty orderly...some of them were just a mass of mess!

Traffic was heavy coming back into Shanghai late in the afternoon.  At one point we noticed that police has the entrance ramps to the expressway blocked off.  Suddenly there were police cars, lots of them, headed down the road toward us...with 12 luxury buses following behind them...then a dozen or more police cars.  David said it had to be some VERY high ranking government officials.
We enjoyed a very nice last dinner together in an ornate private room a the old luxury hotel next to our modern new hotel.  Was very good food and lots of it!

Wednesday morning the group going on to Hong Kong left at 8 for the airport.  They got to go on the superfast magnetic train that gets them there in about 7 minutes going nearly 500 MPH.  We left at noon and it took us an hour in traffic.  I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to ride it...but I'm over it!

Anticipating the 13 hour flight, I took a long walk down to a park I had seen from the coach.  I think it must have been a gift from the people of France as all the artists were French.

A huge difference in styles and types of art...

with gardens and ponds for variety and interest...

On the walk back to the hotel I saw a guy getting a parking ticket...
and someone moving...

as well as a touch of home...

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