Friday, August 23, 2013


I have been biking past this sign in the window of a storefront all summer.

I beg to differ...I am strong from all the training we have been doing, 
but I know I have limits.

Walking 500 miles on the El Camino is going to be great, no doubt about that.
But, walking 500 miles on the El Camino is going to be hard!

Three unknowns loom out there...
What will the weather be like?  
Can I really do it with a 15 pound pack?
Will my feet hold up?

We are hoping the temperatures will drop a bit in the next couple of weeks so it is not too hot.
Rain is a good possibility, especially in October.
I am a Swede...I sweat, a lot!  Like my Grandmother, Tekla, and my Mother, Verna.
My head and my back are dripping most days when we hike with the backpacks.
It's not pretty.
But I think the feet thing is my biggest concern.

I just read a book a friend sent me...SIX MONTHS WALKING THE WILDS: The Long Way to Santiago
by Steve Cooper

One chapter is called:
It's All About the Feet

He claims there is more conversation along the trail about FEET than about GOD.
Three big questions are asked as you meet people along the way...
Where are you from?
Where did you start walking?
How are your feet?

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