Monday, August 19, 2013

Mail Boat Tour on Geneva Lake

Enjoyed a beautiful day in Lake Geneva with three great friends from high school/Free Church days in Rockford...Cheryl McKay, Ginny Brass, and Cindy Judge. 
The mail boat ride brought back lots of memories of time spent on Geneva my Grandma and Grandpa Severin's cottage and at several of the different camps on the lake.  Andy and I spent part of our honeymoon there, too.
The bottom right hand picture is the Wacker's getaway ~ as in Wacker Drive in Chicago.  The one next to it is where Grandma and Grandpa's cottage was back in the it is has been torn down and a huge home fills the property.
It's fun to watch the mail carrier jump off the front of the boat, hussle to put the mail in the box and jump back on the back of the boat...well, most of the time anyway.  He missed it once and ended up in the drink.  I noticed that he had his eye on the boat the entire time.
Mail delivery by boat is done on other lakes around the country, but here at Geneva Lake is the only tour boat that delivers the mail.  It was recently featured on national television and there are clips on YouTube as well.

We had lunch at a great little place on the water, enjoyed an arts fair on the library lawn, and of course some homemade ice cream to top it off.  It was a great day filled with remembering, laughter, sharing, and planning for another get together!

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