Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Days are Full and Fun

Today is Memorial Day in the States.  I enjoyed many of the posts on Facebook honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our country.  Missed the parades, the flags in the cemetery near our home, and the celebrations around Milwaukee this year...

I was honored by a friend today. She treated me to a foot message and pedicure.   Three of us went to have pedicures, manicures, and foot messages at a local shop.  It was my first experience...and I must say I liked it!

These are the two sweet Filipino gals who served me...the gal on the left took six months training back home to learn how to do the pedicures and the gal on the right took a year of training to learn how to do foot message (and it actually ended up being a full leg message).  Both were very polite, gentle, and kind.

When we went to pay and give the girls tips there was no one else in the shop, so we stopped and talked with them.  One of my friends prayed for them.  They were so grateful, joined in the amen and thanked us all.  Was a sweet moment.  

I certainly hope they get paid well.  I am told that part of their pay and benefits is a free trip home to the Phillippines every two years.

There are two shops - the one on the left was for the gentlemen and the one on the right was for the ladies.

We stopped at the food court at Uptown Mall for a cone on the way to the car.  You have to lick pretty quickly in heat over 100!  From there we went to the Gold Souq downtown for one of the gals to pick up some jewelry she had ordered.  The place was beautiful...all pretty jewelry stores.  We ended up visiting the factory right around the corner where a couple dozen Indian Men were designing and creating original pieces.


We had dinner later that night with friends at the Mirdif City Center Mall at a very nice upscale Mexican restaurant. (it was a "slow down day" at the house.). A nice young man made a big bowl of guacamole for us right at the table...he added some wonderful veggies and I think we ate three baskets of chips with it.  Dinner was great...sweet potato fries with my burrito.

This mall is about a mile from the house...if it was winter here, I could walk no problem!

As if dinner wasn't enough, we had dessert at The Chocolate Bar!  It was over the top wonderful...and healthy, too.  

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