Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tid Bits Part 2

Do you want food from the US chains?

Or food from Chinese or Middle Eastern food chains?

Or do you just want to play?  

We took some friends to the Mirdif City Center Food Court tonight...Andy had some Lebonese food...the rest had Subway and Hardee's.  

Have you ever gone through a mall parking lot to get to a ramp for a major interstate?  You do just that here at this Mall.  You can make a quick stop to pick up some groceries, have you hair cut, or shop for a new outfit on you way to work or on you way out of town.  How's that for a marketing strategy!

The other day I drove for the first time coming and going from this mall.  Kind of scary but I really do need to drive a bit more.  I'd rather take the Metro!

Have I mentioned gas is under a $1.00 a gallon here???  

The other day we had to stop by and pay a car repair bill.  The shop was in a huge (several blocks square) industrial park that was alllllll car repair shops.  How's that for head to head competition?  
Most were small establishments and you had to jockey your way into the small parking lots down a one lane alley.  A bit challenging but a very interesting little bit of culture here.

The other night I took a friend downtown to see the Dancing Fountains, the Dubai Mall and the  Burj Khalifa.  We went by taxi to the Metro Station and then took the train downtown.  There is a crossover bridge all the way from the train station into the Mall.  It was amazing to be able to be in an air conditioned, lighted, deluxe walkway for 4-5 blocks, arriving cool as a cucumber!  She loved the fountains and the aquarium.  We didn't have a lot of time because the Metro stops running around 11:00 on week nights, but it was her only opportunity and she was delighted I was willing to be her guide - after all, I had already been there once before!

I was at the grocery store by myself the other day....the figs, coffees, spices, nuts, fruits and vegetables all looked so pretty I decided to take some pictures...

....until the grocery store security guard approached me and politely but firmly told me I was not allowed to take pictures in the store.

On that happy note, I think I had better head for bed.  Could really use a good night of sleep.

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