Friday, June 27, 2014

Additional Sites in Abu Dhabi


            After our time at the Mosque we drove around to see a few other sites In Abu Dhabi...
            Like the Emirates Palace Hotel.



                        You could enjoy one very nice and very big party in this lobby area!
                        The grounds were magnificent and the back side was on the Persian Gulf.



               The view looking away from the front entrance...and the view of the front entrance...nice!
               You can pay 1000 dirhams for a basic room or 10000 to 15000 dirhams for a nice suite
               on the water.  It's the hotel of choice for kings and presidents...
      Views of the downtown and the Corniche Beach from the breakwater.  


                               The Abu Dhabi Theater out at the tip of the breakwater.
                               The old Heritage Village was right next to the theater, but it was just too hot
                               to consider walking around.


We drove back to the interstate to Dubai via the bridges/road through the islands offshore...Saadiyat Island, Bisrat Fahidi Island and Yas Island.  Development is underway for museums, a cultural center and other attractions on the islands.  In the winter you might want to go to the worlds largest amusement park - Ferrari Park.

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