Monday, July 14, 2014

At the Top


            Sunday night we drove down to the Dubai Mall (pictured above) to visit the Burj Khalifa,
            the tallest structure in the world.  We got there early and enjoyed the city skyline by the 
            little lake in front of the Burj.  It was a pretty evening but still very hot - heat index of over
            120 on Sunday.


                  My shot from the bottom of the Burj...a model in the Burj gift shop...
                  and a great shot lifted from the Internet.  It is a striking site to behold.

                  It was five years in the making and cost 1.5 billion.  Originally it was going to be called
                  Burj Dubai, but the financial crash caused major money problems and the Sheikh bailed 
                  the project out - the name was changed in his honor.  All of the publicity, souvenirs, and 
                  signs had to be changed at the last minute.

                  It takes less than a 60 seconds to go to the observation deck on the 124th floor.


           It was fun looking down from the top...but it is hazy most of the summer.  They say 
           you can see 95 km on a clear day, but that only happens a handful of days a year.


                         We watched the sun go down and the lights coming on as darkness came.
                         In this picture above you can barely see the 300 man made islands that compose the
                         World.  We enjoyed listening to the audio tour as we walked around.  You need  
                         reservations most of the time, especially to go at dusk to watch the sunset and see 
                         the beautiful views at night.


   Here are three pictures looking down at the Dancing Fountains below us...we could hear the
   music and enjoy the show from yet another angle.

                                             Quite a sight...very beautiful!

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