Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Banff National Park ~ Lake Johnson and Minnewanka

We did not have good internet connection  much of the time at the resort where we were staying, so I gave up trying to post every day...was just too frustrating.  So I am doing this now at the end of July!

 Lake Johnson had been recommended to us as a pretty hike around the lake.  It was flat and only a couple of miles, so it was a good place to start on our first day into Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.  It was overcast and cool but there was no rain.

                                                                   Sarah and Joel

                       Next we made our way over to Lake Minnewanka.  Our first task was LUNCH!

                                                    Gary, Aimee, Faith, Avery and Ryan

                                                     Joel, Sarah, Anders, and Cade

                                                  Sometimes they just want to be silly!

                                          Cade and Ryan (both starting Kindergarten this fall)

                                                   Just plain pretty at every angle!

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