Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Come, take a walk with me...

took an early morning walk from 6:00 to 7:15 this morning.  Was pretty nice until the sun came out in full force.  I noticed a big difference from when I walked last week during EID, which is a national holiday.  

Today was a regular work/school day so I saw a couple dozen yellow school buses.  Young children were waiting out on the sidewalk as early as 6:00 for the bus.  I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of them...some were pretty cute.

There were also lots of worker buses dropping men off at their jobs as well.

I really enjoy the variety of architecture in the homes - some are quite traditional, some are sleek and modern, some even have a southwest feel to them.  Just like I was taken by wooden doors in Spain, I am taken with the beautiful designs in the metal gates and doors here.

The shapes, sizes, colors, detail is different in each one.  

There were several gardeners out watering plants and little patches of grass.  Some house helpers were out washing cars and gates.  Cars sit out all the time - most are under cover, but they still get very dusty every day.  We have heard you can get fined if your car is dirty, but that may be an urban legend.


This door was particularly pretty.  So much detail!

Because of the walls and gates, you only see pieces and parts of the actual houses and condos.


Early morning, grocery ads, take out food menus, and news papers get stuffed between the grillwork.
Makes them look a little junky when they start collecting over time.

Up past Uptown Mirdif I discovered this beautiful mosque, quiet and serene in the morning sun.


The minaret was impressive as well.


Someone was attempting a cactus garden along a busy street.

Just last week I attempted to take this very picture.  It was the early morning prayer time during EID and there were dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes on these steps.  I thought it would make an interesting picture.  It was really camera screen went black when I tried (three or four times) to take the picture.  Almost eerie....but the camera would not take the picture.  No problems this morning.


I baked a couple of loaves of banana bread and two batches of oatmeal raisin cookies today.  At one point I had to go to the mall to get butter and walnuts.  I chose to go to a different mall for a change.  It is a smaller mall that is frequented by mostly local Emerites.  The stores are upscale and cater to the Emerites with traditional dress for men, women, and children.  Again, I did not feel comfortable taking pictures.  The mall on Al Khawaneej Road is called Etihad Mall.

These were a couple of mall entrances...honoring some of the UAE leaders.  The mall is known for the many very fancy and elaborate sweets shops.  It was incredible - but since I wasn't buying any, I didn't take any pictures..

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