Thursday, October 29, 2015

Morning Observations

Took an early morning walk today - it was only 81 degrees when I left about 6:45.  Really was comfortable!  There was even a breeze!  Enough to cause a change in the flight patterns - so flights were taking off over our neighborhood not landing.

Saw several of these HUGE 380s

Not many homes have any green grass, but I enjoyed a few this morning...

I'm told that people with grass generally have some kind of a well dug to get water for the yard.  The water to the house is pretty expensive.

One gate was open and revealed a rather large chicken coop!

I followed this worker for a few blocks along a busy street.

You don't see many small cars in Dubai.  Andy observed that he is seeing a lot of large pick up trucks...

I discovered a very pretty park near a friend's house...behind Uptown Mirdif Mall.  This flower garden comes with an extensive water drip system.

There is a very nice path for walking/jogging in an oval around the park.

I walked through Uptown Mall on my way home and discovered this flower shop.  Made me think of studying Mesopotamia in 6th grade!

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