Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dubai Butterfly Garden

This morning we ventured out with friends to visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden.  It was great fun and oh so pretty.

This is what welcomes you as you enter the garden!

There are many different varieties of butterflies in the three large areas of the beautifully decorated gardens...all indoors so the can be enjoyed year round  -- even in the rain!

Hundreds of live merigolds were incorporated into the gardens in unusual ways to attract the butterflies.

There was a young man who would spray your arms with a scent that attracts the butterflies.

As you enter and leave you can enjoy a large lobby area decorated with artwork all created with real butterfly wings.  I've never seen such a collection.  Thousands of hours and incredible creativity invested in the display.

The pictures do not adequately capture the beauty, color and intricate designs in the artwork.

Was a great morning...

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