Friday, November 25, 2016

Redeemer Church of Dubai

It's Friday and we all went to Redeemer this morning.  Our pastor, Dave Furman, (a Wheaton grad) has done a two part series these first 2 Fridays we have been here.  Last week was 'Can Christians Get Depressed?' From his own journey, he shared that it can and does happen.  We as believers can get depressed. This week he answered the question, 'How Can We Help the Hurting?'  He had 10 helpful ideas and suggestions - very helpful.  He's an authentic and caring person, plus a good communicator.  

We love the worship and the music.  The closing song was Jordan Kauflin's 'All I Have Is Christ.'  A stirring song/tune and encouraging answer to our deepest needs.

We love the people and the services at Redeemer.

After church many members gather at Al Ghurair Centre for lunch.  We went there as well.  We had American burgers/chicken, Turkish and Indian food.  It was great.  After lunch the kids checked out the indoor play area, complete with an ice rink, bumper cars, a roller coaster, carousel and dozens of electronic toys and games. It's mind boggling!






This is the lobby of the mall - the food court is off to the right on the top floor.

Phase two of our day we were off to the camel races held at a local camel  club out on the Al Ain - Dubai Road.  Obviously the races were new to the Marx family.  

On your mark...get set...




The officials are very kind and welcoming.  They let the few spectators who come get as close to the camels as they like/as they are comfortable.  It's petty amazing.

One cameraman told us the races were televised on local TV stations.


On your mark....get set...




As you can see, I had a ring side seat.


Really cool!

I talked with a woman from the tourism office who was gathering information about the camel club and races.  She wondered if I had been there before and how I liked it. They want to advertise and have more people come to see the races....without attracting too many tour groups and buses.  


I'm a pretty avid fan - I think it's a hoot!


As you can see from all these pictures!


Here's the gang at the finish line...


Fortunately I have not had any of the camels spit at me.  A fun afternoon of free entertainment!

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