Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Friday at Redeemer Church of Dubai

Today was our last opportunity to attend Redeemer...was really hard.  We love it so much.  Alvin Litonhua spoke from Psalm 27.  He challenged us with the question, 'What are you waiting for?'  A new job?  A wife? A child to be born?  A child to come home?  

Then he explored how God wants us to confidently, courageously, and actively take three steps...

     Remember who God in verses 1-3
     Delight in God's beauty in verses 4-6
     Seek God's Face in verses 7-12
     Hope in God alone in verses 13-14

Very helpful and watch the sermon on their website if you like.

Glen Jones was back leading worship for the first time since we've been here...he had a serious case of mono. We missed him!  Love his leadership and his music.

The congregation is so good about singing with gusto and feeling.  We sang 'I will Glory in My Redeemer' and 'Behold the Lamb' for communion and I love both of them!  So meaningful and meaty!

Besides new friends, we will miss Redeemer the most about being inDubai!


Every week on our way home we see lots of mosques and lots of cars parked in front of the mosques.  They just pull up and park any which way.  We can hardly get through some weeks.  It's crazy!


Only one lane open...just barely.  We laugh every time.

Andy and I had a light lunch - then he took a nap and I made two egg casseroles for breakfast tomorrow.  I did leave the dishes for him to clean up!

It's our Forsan Chicken night so I just have to make Arabic Rice - a very nice recipe.  I'm serving Texas Sheet cake and cookies from the freezer for dessert.  Wanna stop by?!?

All for now.  

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