Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from Dubai!  Hope you have had a fabulous day with family and friends celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus.  What a wonder....What a gift....

We were up and at 'em early this morning.  Breakfast for 30 plus was a little crowded, but filled with the chatter of friends.  Lots of kids around right now, too.  Then after clean up we started the turkeys!  Yum!  Who doesn't like turkey and it's wonderful smells.

Mid morning we were making vegetable casseroles, stuffing and salads.  We were in the zone.  Suddenly I asked JoAnn...'What are we serving for dessert?'  We were flabbergasted.  Yikes, we didn't plan dessert.  JoAnn suggested cheesecake - we have all the ingredients.  She started to get them when I remembered. We were up until Midnight making apple and pumpkin pies!!  We started giggling and couldn't stop!  What a pair!

We had Christmas Dinner planned for 3:30.  Didn't quite get it all together until 3:45 but we got er done.


We have some leftovers so I can make turkey pot pie again!


Evidently Andy was pretty hungry!


I enjoyed it inspite of working with food all day!

Several of us wanted to go to the Christmas Eve service at Redeemer Church of Dubai.  So we hustled to get the cleanup done and headed off to church.  I'm so very glad we went.  It was wonderful!


One of the ballrooms in the hotel was hosting a wedding was beautifully set up.  This was the woman's party - they meet separately.


The hotel was all decked out for Christmas...  Lots of people were taking pictures in front of the tree.


The gift shop was festive and featured Santa himself...


Very colorful!


The service was in the main ballroom and it was FULL by the time it started.  We sang 9 or 10 carols...and was beautiful.


They had a huge choir and several musicians.  All of the staff and participants were dressed up and wore red, white and black.  Haven't seen that many that dressed up in all the times we have been here.  Looked nice.

The Christmas story was told through monologues and readings of the story characters from Matthew and Luke...with carols in between.

Pastor Dave spoke...I really felt the spirit of Christmas for the first time this year!  So glad we were able to go.


Now, I'm ready to head to bed...  It's 9:40 - I'm weary but not heavy laden.  It was a full busy day but a nice Christmas Eve!  Trust you had a wonderful day with family and friends, food and fellowship, and maybe a gift or two!

Merry Christmas!

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