Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More relaxed day...

Greetings!  Feeling a bit better today.  After breakfast for 30, Andy and I went to 3 malls running errands.  Went to Mirdif City Center to pay some bills and return something at CarreFour.  Then drove to Dragon Mart to buy an air compressor. Last stop at Arabian Center to buy some picture frames and get some supplies.  By then it was 1:30 and I told Andy he needed to 'Feed Me'.  So we had lunch at the food court.  All in all a successful circle around town.

Made spaghetti, salad and garlic bread for supper.  Three elementary age children didn't especially like the chicken broccoli casserole last night but they smiled at supper tonight.  They liked the pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, too (which I pulled out of the freezer - nice!)

Now I'm on the sofa reading FB and writing Blog - as in down time.  Not many exciting adventures in the past few days.  I kept thinking I'd get a walk in, but it never happened.  Cold and snowy at home - still in low 80's here!

Still lots of fun and encouraging to hear stories from friends here....amazing.  Love the comments of little ones, too.  They are so adaptable and adorable.

Haven't taken many pictures recently.  Wish I could have walked on a couple of the roads we were on today...saw some gorgeous new construction....palatial estates!  I took this driving by an incredible mansion.  Hard to get the full effect....


The wall around the house blocked the beauty of the home.  Quite an entrance tho, don't you think?

All for now...

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