Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LaGuardia Airport

We managed to sleep pretty well for 4 to 4 1/2 hours...then got up at 3:00 to take quick showers, turn our underwater inside out, and get to the airport for our 6:00 am flight to Chicago.  Fortunately the heavy fog that hovered over the region yesterday has lifted and flights are getting in and out.

The airport was teaming with people.  La Guardia is due for a complete overhaul.  I felt like we were in a dungeon....very closed in and dark - at least in Terminal C where we were. 

The hotel gave us a To Go breakfast with a banana, an orange, and a yogurt cup, so we aren't hungry.  

The plane is full, but we are in the air and a step closer to home.  Let's see what O'Hare has to offer!  Fortunately it offered an on time flight into Milwaukee.  Our helpful friend, Tim, was at the airport waiting for us.  It was bitter cold and windy but very good to be home again!  Andy went to the store and picked up some basics to make it through a couple of days while I sorted the mail.

At the moment I am in bed with my pjs and a robe reading Christmas cards and letters!  How great is that!

Thankful for another opportunity to serve Jesus and faithful workers.  Glad to be home and grateful we don't jump into a busy season!

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