Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Zurich Airport

Landed safely in Zurich with snow on the ground.  We have a couple of hours here so I've done some walking around the airport.

Remember the Camel at the Dubai airport advertising the cigarettes?  Here they have a special smoking lounge sponsored by Camel...look at their tag line.


I'm wondering if they have been bought out and the new owners are trying to rebrand them and make them great again!?!

Andy just took our bag of leftover Euros to see if he can get some coffee.  Switzerland uses its own currency.   He just got back - had to use the credit card and he has no idea how much he paid.  They only take paper Euros, no coins.  Picky Picky

Just looking at my calendar...not much in there for this week.  So glad and grateful.  I need at least a full week to recover from the past 7 weeks!

I managed to get in 4 miles walking before boarding.  Have been up for 24 hours and just leaving Zurich.


As we taxied to the runway we could see the trees, heavy laden with snow and then we were off.


Views of Switzerland...



Out over the Atlantic the clouds are so thick and fluffy, it looks like you could just jump out and land softly.

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