Saturday, April 8, 2017

On To Auckland - our last stop

We made our way to Auckland which was about a 3 hour trip.  On the way Brad gave us a test.  It had 20 questions about what we had learned about Australia and another 20 questions about New Zealand.  We worked together as couples with the solos teaming upby  2s.  There was fun banter and teasing as the test progressed .

Brad offered ice cream cones to those who got more than half right.  Andy and I actually came in on top with 29 correct answers...  In the end everyone got an ice cream cone.  Good plan, Brad.  I had Hokey Pokey flavored ice cream on my cone.  Had heard it was a specialty flavor.... was good.

When we got to Auckland our bus driver, Richard, took us on a short city tour - mainly around the beautiful bay with sailboats galore!  

These pictures were taken from a wonderful park overlooking the bay.


Tomorrow we are headed out to an island - love getting out on the water!

Andy, Gordon and I went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the docks.  We sat outside to eat and enjoyed getting to know him a bit better over dinner.
When we got back to the room I had a big need to sort my clothes for the next couple of days and to organize the chaos in my suitcase.  Glad that's done!

Was a good day!  Now I need to get to bed.  I will finish the Hobbiton post in the morning...

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