Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our last day down under!

It's our last day!  Our flight doesn't leave until 7:30 tonight.  Several have left already, but we have one more opportunity to see some of the sights around Auckland.

Our first stop is the Sky Tower which opened in 1979.  It has 4 unique options for you to experience!


The first option is to watch yourself leaving the ground and racing to the top.  There is a viewing window built into the floor of the elevator.


The second option is to jump off the top and see the sights while flying down!



The third is to take the narrow walkway around the tower and lean over the side if you like!


The views from the top are fantastic!  


The fourth option is to walk around the inside of the tower and every few feet look down  and see the ground!


It was a clear sunny day, ideal for the Sky Tower!

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