Friday, March 7, 2008

Andy's 40th MBI Reunion

God bless the school that D. L. Moody founded;
Firm may she stand, tho' by foes of truth surrounded!
Riches of grace bestowed may she never squander,
keeping true to God and man her record over yonder.

Glory over yonder, over yonder,
when Jesus comes in glory we shall part no more.
Glory over yonder, over yonder,k
when Jesus comes in glory we shall part no more.

There it is ~ the closest thing we had to a fight song, and sure enough, we sang it multiple times in early February when we went down to Moody for
Founder's Week 2008 AND Andy's 40th Reunion.

We are glad we was fun to see what is happening on the campus at Moody ~ so very different from the way it looked in the late 60's. Students look so young and I'm sure we look so old. Of course, it is always the coldest week of the winter, complete with wind howling and snow falling. There was a very nice gathering and dinner Monday night in the Commons. About 25 were there and it was great to reconnect and remember days together long ago. Tuesday noon is the larger gathering of classes from all times, and then in the afternoon we had a few hours to meet and catch up on each one by going around the circle with each one giving a short (or not so short) summary of 40 years.

The small gathering Andy's class has caused some of us in the Class of '69
to start contacting classmates in order to create interest and energy for
a great gathering next year for our reunion, February 2-3, 2009.

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