Sunday, July 20, 2008

Absolutely Avery

Avery is absolutely the sweetest little two year old ever. She gets along so well with her big sister and big sister is so good with her. I think Avery seems older than she is because her vocabulary and understanding is great (I'd say advanced but you'd just think I am a doting Oma).

It really was fun and quite easy to have the girls around. This first picture (below) is on the 4th of July just before we had our very own fireworks display here at Cedarly, put on by Uncle Jon from SC. Avery was waving her 2 flags and calling out "America, America"...very cute!

In the late 50's after my Grandpa Severin left a long time job at Rockford Screw Products, he started another company--making little cards to use around the yard (above). Many of them ended up on plantations in South America. My brother and my cousin each have one of these "Yard Bee" cars. Cousin Al brought his to Cedarly the day of our Ekedahl/Severin reunion...and the girls just loved it. They would have spent all afternoon driving around if we had let them. Cedarly was just the right environment to do it.

Avery loved the playground at Frame Park (above). She is not quite as adventuresome climbing or going down slides as Faith is, but she finds ways to have fun. At the Children's Museum she loaded and unloaded her grocery cart endlessly and enjoyed taking calls at the car repair shop.

Avery waited very patiently on the shore (below) while Faith and Opa were out on the kayak. She could hardly wait for her turn ~ her first time out on the water with Opa.

For several days, Avery would not go anywhere without 2-4 of Oma's old necklaces aroun her neck. Here she is on the train at the Zoo ~ ready to go.

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