Friday, July 18, 2008

Featuring Faith

Oma had the wonderful opportunity to take care of Faith and Avery for six days (with great help from Aunt Connie and Opa) while Gary and Aimee went to British Columbia for a few days to celebrate their 10th Anniversary and a Marx family wedding. We had such fun. It was my objective to keep them busy, experience new things, and be so tired they would fall into bed at night. It worked and we had an incredible time together. These first couple of pictures are at Frame Park along the Fox River. The girls love playground parks and this was a new one to them...they loved the HUGE sandbox and the HUGE creature living in it!
One day we three went to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in downtown Milwaukee. We got there at 11:30 and I couldn't get them to stop for lunch until 2:00. By 4:00 we had the place to ourselves and ended up staying until 5:00 when it closed. They were good about staying together, they made friends with other kids, and they tried just about everything. Faith especially like an area where there was a post office, a bank, a grocery store, and a car repair shop. Each area was connected by telelphone, so I would call them from another area and they would be so surprised when they answered the phone.

My sister Connie joined us for the weekend and we went to the Milwaukee Zoo...again we stayed for about 6 hours. It was a beautiful day ~ not too hot. This picture (above, right) was on the train ride around the zoo...a real hit with Faith.

Last year we started a tradition of making spritz cookies together...Christmas in July (plus they are Aimee's favorite so she loves it). This year we made them at 7:30 a.m. Avery was sleeping 11-12 hours a night, so we took advantage of the time alone to make green wreaths and trees.

One afternoon we were able to be together with my brother Jim's 4 grandchildren. There are 5 kids in my family and so far just 6 grandkids...with Baby J on the way. We spent a couple of hours at a friend's pool and got them to pose. They all LOVE the water and took turns doing their favorite jumps and dives off the board...even Avery joined in the fun. Faith had some good form on her jumps and a name for each one.

Another favorite activity is taking out the kayak or canoe with Opa. Faith isn't much help yet, but she doesn't weigh much either. This year they saw three turtles and gathered some pretty water lilies.
This picture is not the best one of Faith, (below) but I was so proud of her, I must include the story. Both Faith and Avery fell asleep in the car several times during our adventures... a little cat nap worked really well. Connie was with us when we discovered this funny pose of Faith out cold.

We could hardly take the pictures we were laughing so hard in the front seat. When we showed the picture to Faith, Connie commented, "You like like an animal but I can't figure out which one." Faith immediately came back with, "A pig with a snout!" At that point she started laughing so hard she couldn't stop. It was encouraging to see her enjoy the joke on herself and enjoy it as much as we had.

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