Friday, July 15, 2011

Cade Turns One

Cade celebrated his first birthday the week we were together. He was so cute. At first he liked the look of his mini-cake. His hands went up like he was going to attack...maybe he thought is was mud. When he actually had it in his hands he changed his mind and let out a scream of distaste. When he put it in his mouth, he changed his mind again. He's a cutie.

But you hardly know he is around. He smiles...a lot. He's happy...a lot. She screams...a little. He also takes lots of naps, so he isn't around a lot. So, I don't know him too well at all...yet.

I felt really badly after we had been together at Christmas. There were hardly any pictures of Cade ~ a few of his carrier with him inside, protected from the cold of Colorado.

He definately has a look of Ekedahl about him...his hair line and coulick loooks just like Jim's at a young age. His eyes are huge but they squint when he has a broad smile. He's a cutie.

He's starting to get around crawling. His Uncle Paul taught us all how to teach a little one to crawl...put out a trail of Cheerios. He finally had a real reason to go!

He gets along with anyone, goes with the flow, sleeps almost anywhere (except in the car).

Watch for more on this little cutie!

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