Friday, July 15, 2011

Anders Nearly Three

Anders is all boy...rough and tumble, loves ball games of all kinds (soccer, basketball, football, baseball), and now golf. He has all the equipment and loves to drag it all out of the garage and do it all.

He likes to go on walks...we count basketball hoops as we go. He knows where every one is any direction we go in their twisty-windy neighborhood.

He loves going to the park...any park. He is daring as he climbs, jumps, slides, and swings.

Anders loves his little brother and smothers him with hugs and kisses.

Anders loves Haiku ~ their Black Lab. The dog has always been quite gentle and patient with this busy, bustling booming little boy.

He also has a sweet and tender side. One of the first days we were there in March, he looked up from the stroller and said, "I'm so glad you came, Oma." Just about made me weep. I replay that moment in my mind often. Maybe he'll be a romantic!

Last week we went to Rockford, IL to see my Dad. After lunch together we went to a pool party at my uncle's home. Several times Anders got out of the water and walked over to Great Grandpa and struck up a conversation with him. It was so sweet...and my Dad reacted in kind. Got some cute photos of the two of them, head to head.

Anders will be three in August. He's smart as a whip (where did that saying come from?). He has 2 teachers for parents and they have spent a lot of time reading to him, patiently taking him to website to learn his letters, sounds, and numbers long before he turned two. He has some great toys that teach him things, too.

I find him easy to be around. Active. Fun. Independent. Energetic. Curious.

Quite a guy. You'll like him.

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