Friday, July 15, 2011

Faith is Eight

I love spending time with my grandkids...lots of time. It takes a great deal of energy and I'm usually exhausted after they leave or when I return home, but it is worth it...every time.
I'm still getting to know them and I'd like you to know them, too.

This post is about Faith. She turned eight in May and will go to a new school in Georgia in August. Third grade. How can that be? She was just a baby a couple of years ago.

Faith has a lot of energy. She loves to try new things...she wants to figure them out, do well at them. She is competitive...loves to win, but she also gets pleasure in just learning how to do it and do it well. This summer one of the things was learning to kayak on her own. We had a pastor donate a solo kayak and her Uncle Paul spent about 30-40 minutes teaching her how to stop, to turn corners, and to guide the kayak where you want it to go. She spent a good deal of time practicing.

She daring...going down the BIG slides at Water Parks since she was three, doing flips off the diving board, and flying off the high dive without any hesitation. At Christmas she took one day of lessons and the second day spent the day with Opa going down green runs, and even a blue run.

Her eyes were full of wonder and excitement as we went up in the hot air balloon recently...not a bit of fear and worry.

Faith laughs easily.

She loves to read.

She also loves soccer and does well playing.

Faith has been doing puzzles since she was about two, I think. She can figure them out and see how things fit. By the time I have the edge pieces sorted for her, she has the edge finished. She sticks with it ~ doesn't quit. Sometimes she gets frustrated when she can't figure something out ~ like the game of CLUE. We played many times this summer and she never won once, but she was willing to listen to tips and ideas on how to figure out who, what, and where. She wanted to learn...she kept asking to play.

Over Christmas I heard her say that someone told her she was too young for Yahtzee. I said, "Faith, you would love Yahtzee. You can learn!" And before I knew it, she was beating me.

Faith is a generous person. I often bring or have on hand a craft the girls can work on. This trip she had just completed one project with Perler Beads when she came up with the idea of making something for her new friend in Georgia, a neighbor. Before long, she was also making some for his brother and sister.

But, she is also frugil. Saving money is another thing Faith does faithfully. She just opened her own savings account and has over $130.00 in it already. But, I've also see her offer to buy a stuffed animal for Avery as well as herself on a trip to the Dells a couple years ago. Money hard earned, but she was willing to share.

There's lots more, but I'll stop for now. I'm sure I'll share more over time as she grows and develops and matures. But for now...what a girl!

Don't you just love her already?

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