Friday, July 15, 2011

Avery at Five

One of the first things you see, hear, learn about Avery is ~ she LOVES hot pink. Much of what is wears is hot pink. I took her shopping for a "first day of school" outfit and all she would look at is hot pink...shorts, tops, dresses, skirts, swimsuits...doesn't pink.

The girl knows what she likes (and doesn't like) food, clothes, activities. She has no trouble expressing her opinion. This spring she tried organized UPWARD soccer. Not so much. We got to see her play when we were in VA in May. She holds back, is hesitant to get in there and kick the ball. No aggressive. Yet, one afternoon at practice her coach put her in charge of a series of sprints across the field. She was the only girl. She said, "GO" and was off and running. I got pictures of her...out in front of all the boys, smiling from ear to ear, running like a deer.

For a long time Avery had a coy little smile. She was quiet, but you knew the wheels were turning. She often let Faith run the show. Not so much any more. She's more willing to speak up and speak her mind.

Avery can be a bit determined. In a little different way than Faith. More of a stubbornness. Maybe it comes with being a second/middle child.

Avery loves to play card games and board games....over and over.

She loves to have a notebook nearby to draw pictures, make mazes, record things.

At this point in her life, Avery is NOT a neatnik. Will be interesting to see how she keeps her room now that the girls have their own rooms. They have a Jack and Jill bathroom and Faith is not real happy about that. I think as she grows, she will like being neat and will do better organizing. It's in her genes.

In August Avery will start kindergarten. She will get on the bus with Faith in the morning and head off to school. She's a little nervous about it but I think she will do just fine. She may hold back a bit at first, but before you know it she'll be in charge.

Avery loves to play games and do activities on the web and would do it for long periods of time if you let her...content in her own little world, working her way through the websites so easily. It's a whole new generation.

She loves her brother and her sister.

Have you noticed, she also loves to strike cute little poses when I take her picture?

She is fun to be around. You would enjoy her!

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