Sunday, August 4, 2013

Double Digit Adventure with Oma and Opa

Faith came home with us from Colorado to celebrate a Double Digit Adventure for her 10th birthday this year.  It was fun to introduce her to some of our old haunts in Chicago and found some new places as well.  We enjoyed having her for 10 days...she is easy to be around and is a lot of fun.  Andy thinks she and I are two peas in a pod...loving to be active and on the go, ready for a new adventure with little need for a nap along the way.
Here in Wisconsin we visited the old stagecoach inn in Delafield ~ Hawks Inn ~, went miniature golfing, baked summer spritz, and went sailing on Lake Michigan with some friends.  Then we headed south to Six Flags for a great day with Chris, Tara, and Jodi Lawson.  Jodi turned 10 in May also, and those two girls really enjoyed the time together.  It was a surprise to Faith that we met up with them and she loved it.  We went on most all of the big rides in the park.  Faith wasn't sure about going with just Andy and me...she wasn't convinced we would be willing to go upside down that many times in one day!  We stayed from 11 to 11 and went home very satisfied!
In Chicago we stopped by Trinity, found our old apartment in Highwood, and checked out what they have done with Fort Sheridan along Lake Michigan.  We were very impressed.  Making our way down into the city we stopped to tour the beautiful Bahai House of Worship in Wilmette and the lighthouse in Evanston.  Lee, Carol, and Margaret Hutchins hosted us in their home for the week.
One day we drove downtown and stopped by Moody...just planting some seeds for the future.  Anita Lustrea from Midday Connection on Moody Radio gave us a tour of the studios.  We walked down the Magnificent Mile, walked around the Water Tower, and made our way to Willis Tower (the old Sears Tower) on one of the Chicago Trolleys.  It was an hour wait to get to the 103rd floor, but it was well worth it.  Faith didn't think twice about walking out on the The Ledge and we got some fun pictures of the city.
We continued on the tour of the city riding a double-decker bus down and around Grant Park on Michigan Aveue and back north on the Lake Shore.  We ended up at Navy Pier for the rest of the day ~ enjoying the ferris wheel ride, a fun game house, dinner, and fireworks before heading home.

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