Sunday, August 4, 2013

Faith's Adventure in Chicago

Faith and I spent another day in Chicago together using the Trolley to see even more ~ with stops at Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greektown.  We walked the streets and picked up samples of food along the way. 
We walked around downtown, poked around in the old city libaray (now a cultural center) and an underground subway stop.  I had wanted to show her a typical subway station underground but the one we chose was a very upscale completely remodeled station.  Was a nice place for a rest and a coke.
From there we spent the rest of the afternoon in Grant Park, exploring the many facets of the Park...the concert pavillion, The Bean, gardens, and of course, Buckingham Fountain.  She had her characture drawn by a street artist.
We met up with Carol, Margaret and Andy for Summer Dance in the Park and a picnic supper.  They have a huge dance floor set up and local studios provide teachers.  So everyone learns a dance and then has a couple of hours to practice and enjoy the evening.  Seemed like there were hundreds of people there.  It's done most weekends all summer.  Very fun. 
All week we had great weather...not even that hot.  On the way home it rained some, but we had another surprise stop with Chris, Tara and Jodi at Xtreme Trampolines in Buffalo Grove.  They had such fun jumping for nearly 2 hours before we headed home.

Most evenings we played games...Clue, Jenja, and Rack-O.  Faith loves to win but she is learning to be a happy looser as well!  She was patient, kind, helpful, flexible, grateful, and fun...growing into a sweet young lady.  We put her on a direct flight to Atlanta on Saturday and she made it home safely. 
Happy Birthday, Faith!

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