Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Wonderful Faces of Spain

We found the people of Spain to be warm and generous towards Pilgrims...always ready with a smile, helping to keep us on the right path, letting us use restrooms in cafes, willing to communicate even when we did not speak Spanish....  It is really quite amazing that they do not get weary of the hundreds of Pilgrims making their way through their little villages every day.

For a few days we actually thought the two men on bikes were angels.  They passed by us (coming towards us every time) four or five days in a row, calling out encouragement with big smiles and waves.

You can see that the older people are still active and work hard on their farms, in their gardens, and cutting firewood.  The farmer with the cow LOOKED like he was letting the cow pull him up the hill.  Maybe the cow was just frisky and got out of hand...we will never know.

The children were a bit shy but always eager when I asked if I could take their picture.  Two of them went running off afterwards - seemingly to share the excitement of having someone take their picture.

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