Monday, June 30, 2014

Wafi Mall and the Pyramids

ELast night we ventured out to visit the Wafi Mall.  We weren't real sure it was a smart idea since we have heard the traffic can be bad and people a bit grumpy and impatient after fasting all day.  It's amazing to us that they don't even drink water!  I don't know how they do that in this heat!  Fortunately we found traffic to be light and no one seemed to be in a huge hurry.  

It was a little difficult to find the Mall..we could SEE the pyramids, but we just could not seem to find the way to get signs to guide us until we got to the entrance to the parking lots.

It was an incredible mall...very beautiful, very upscale, very unique architecture.  Want to see some of the pyramids?

I don't think we even saw them all.  We walked around for about an hour and didn't even go into
any of the stores. They were all so exclusive and expensive...but it was fun to see the sights!

Just one of the many lobbies...decorated for Ramadan.  The place was empty...there were more store workers than shoppers.  We had the place to ourselves!  We enjoyed a nice dinner out at Biella, an upscale Italian restaurant - using a Dubau entertainment,  buy one main course get one free coupon...

There is a Raffles (British 5 Star Hotel) connected to the Mall...the entrance and the lobby were elegant and luxurious.
You can see in malls and hotels, they love, love, love big spaces!

     This picture makes my 15 Dirham ($4.00) top look pretty good!

This was a courtyard space outside the mall, complete with a little park, water fountain and water fall.

At 9:30 during Ramadan, they are doing a light show with music. It was different than any we have seen before.  Really pretty...and very typically Arabic.

Much of it was centered on the face of this hotel building and the entrance with columns above...

Just a few of the different displays projected...

                                                       Great evening out!

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