Monday, July 7, 2014

10 Days Left in Dubai

Hard to believe our time in Dubai is coming to an end in just 10 short days.  It has been an incredible journey...we will look at the world differently and never be quite the same.  We are so grateful!  

Today I made lasagna and French bread for dinner, cleaned out the sewing cabinet, and did laundry...sounds pretty normal, huh?  The day was capped off with a last minute, nighttime trip to the Creek with a new friend.  It all looked so different at night.  The mosques were each lit up differently along the creek and looked so pretty as we crossed the creek in an old wooden dhows.  We had great fun exploring, looking for a couple of gifts and each of us buying a new outfit!  We even enjoyed ice cream at Ben and Jerry's on a little back side street.  

We were walking through the gold souq and saw these massive necklaces....maybe they have a special name since they are so big.  We decided to go in the store and ask about the weight and cost of one.  Found out there are actually necklaces that are 1 kilo in weight - that is 2.2 pounds!  And that costs $55,000!  I think I mentioned before, these are often wedding gifts for the bride...and a nest egg for her should anything happen to her husband,  These stores have dozens of them.  The gold souq is several blocks long...amazing.

This is a typical sight on the back streets of the Souq (above) and the newer sections of the Souq (below).

We got back at about 11 - a long but good day.

Now it's Tuesday night at 8:00 and I am about to go to bed.  I've been on my feet pretty much all day and my feet ache.  I cooked and baked again today.  I found a new recipe and made Jambalaya for the first time.  Was quite tasty and well received.  Went to the City Center this afternoon to get some supples and groceries.  Showed a friend around...and she found a nice journal set for a friend.

Random thought:  Recently in one parking lot Andy and I saw a Lamborghini, a Jaguar, and a Ferrari.  Land Rovers and Range Rovers are common.  Lexus are the Chevy/Ford of Dubai.  It's no wonder I get nervous pulling into a parking space in an Expedition that drives like a truck!  All for now...

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