Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Feels Like" Temperature at 120 today!

Just checked the weather "feels like" 120 degrees and it is 4:00 pm here.  What's it like in your corner of the world?  Did several projects around the house yesterday...scrubbed the grout in the kitchen tile this morning, planned meals/made grocery list, and finished cleaning in the outdoor kitchen.  The to do list is getting shorter... 

Today I went grocery shopping and have been baking and preparing supper much of the afternoon.

Thursday I ventured out on my own in the morning, taking the metro down to the Souk in the Creek.  Had a couple things I wanted to buy down that way.  It was hot and humid and at one point my body and all my clothes were wet and clinging.  

After I was done shopping successfully, I walked around in the historical Shindagha, between Port Rashid and Dubai Creek - cultural and heritage site depicting what life was like in Dubai in years gone by.

First stop - Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House, built in 1896 on the banks of the Dubai Creek.  This was the home of the ruling family until Sheikh Saeed's death in 1958.  It was huge and an "architectural marvel" a museum.  Coins, stamps, historical documents dating back to 1791.  Part of the complex is  also an art museum with paintings and photography.  (Note:  I drank my bottle of water in the ladies restroom, feeling a little funny breaking the fast time in the Shaeikh's home).


Second stop - Traditional Architecture Museum, built in 1927.  This was in one of the homes on the Shaikh's compound.  I learned much about the architecture in the Emirates as well as the materials and tools used in traditional construction.  (Note:  I ate my trail mix  in the dark watching a video of various types of homes...mountain home, desert home, city home).




Third stop - Arabic Calligraphy Museum.  I had no idea there were so many different variations through the ages and in different countries around the world.  Was very pretty and interesting.  I was grateful all of these places were air conditioned.  There are very few trees and no protection from the sun in this area along the Creek. 


Fourth stop - Heritage Village...which recreates a Bedouin settlement.  I am sure it is like a living museum in the winter when thousands of tourists flock to the area.  Now it is but a shell in the hot sun.
Still interesting tho.

Fifth stop - Diving Village...a glimpse of Dubai's maritime past...what life was like six to seven thousand years ago, when pearl diving was one of the main sources of income.


By this time I was a bit tired and ready to get out of the sun.  The metro line runs right past this area, so I called Andy, hopped on the train and met up with him to go to, where else, The Mall! (Note:  I ate my apple in a bathroom stall in the Metro Station waiting for Andy to arrive)

When we first arrived in Dubai we learned the subway system by going to Ibn Battuta Mall.  We thot we saw it all, but we only walked thru a small portion.  So this time we made our way through tall six courts...
Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia , Persia,  India, and China.



It was only about 6:00 when we isn't over until about 7:15.  NO restaurants were operating.  A few fast food places were open for carry out only.  I bought a tee shirt at a kiosk and saw an employee sitting on the floor by the cash register chowing down her salad supper out of sight, out of mind.  Pretty funny!  By that point I was pretty thirsty but didn't have anything to drink.  So, we hopped on the metro and headed to Deira City Center.  

It took about 45 minutes.  When we got to the huge food court it was packed....with people at tables waiting for the fast to end so they could order food.  Pretty funny actually.  City center has an 11 screen cinema, Magic Planet family entertainment centre, and a huge Fitness First facility...all in a very nice mall.  Took a while to find a place to eat, place our order,and finally eat.


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