Thursday, June 11, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

Welcome to the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt NP.  It is located about an hour north of the South Unit. Between the two farther west is Roosevelt's personal ranch called Elkhorn Ranch.  It lies on both sides of the Little Missouri River.

The North Unit has a different look and feel with several features new to me.  These first four pictures
show you samples of Canonball Concretions.

This one fell off the Rockwall.  Usually they are embedded right into the wall.  

This sign greeted us as we made our way up the mountain...

 We took the hike on the Caprock Coulée Trail.  This was our first look up the trail as we started.  

Innocently walking up the path...

A bit down the trail we came around a corner and looked up to see this beautiful rock formation...

And this amazing creature right in front of us!  We watched and took pictures for about 20 minutes.  Fortunately he was more interested in grazing than messing with us!  Since he was blocking the trail, we headed back to the car...

Just minutes later farther up the mountain we enjoyed watching this guy!  He walked along our car up the road a bit.  Then He seemed to have some kind of itch that needed scratching!

At the very end of the road, Oxbow Lookout, we had 360 degree views which were incredible!

Every single angle was magnificent....

Another view of the Little Missouri River in the distance...

I'm reminded over and over again just how very clever and creative our great God is!

Saw this shelter made by the CCC in the 1930's at River Bend Overlook on the way back down the mountain.

This little critter was enjoying the sun near the shelter.

It was a wonderful morning in this gem of a national park!

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