Thursday, June 11, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit

We drove across North Dakota first opportunity to be in ND!  The farms were large and flat. The ponds and lakes were plentiful.  We actually saw a couple of Pelicans...I never knew they lived inland before...especially not that far north.  We saw a few oil wells along the way.  It was interesting and fun.

We got settled into the Cowboy Inn and made our way over to the Painted Canyon Visitor's Center.  What wonderful views of the canyon.  We discovered there was a trail that takes you down into the canyon...and we couldn't resist.

We had gained an hour as we entered Mountain Time, so we also,had time to enjoy the 36 mile ride and hikes in the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  What a treat!

The overlooks were magnificent!

We hike up one overlook and could see 360 degrees.  It was chilly and windy, but so much fun.

Have no,idea how far we could see...

The clouds were dark and threatening...but did not affect our visit.

Andy got cold and hurried off to get back to the car...

The very last stop tookme to beautiful views of the Little Missouri River, at Wind Canyon.
Andy had enough by now so he stayed in the car.

God is so wonderfully creative!  I am so inspired and encouraged by the beauty, majesty, colors,
and power of this park.  So grateful we got to experience it!

Enjoyed a nice dinner at the lively Boots Bar & Grill in the touristy little town by the entrance to the Park.

We had an interesting night in the highly rated Cowboy Inn.  First there were dogs barking constantly at the house behind the Inn.  Andy called the front desk to see if anything could be done.  We found out later they called the police who came back twice.  The owners were gone and had left the dogs out all day.  We turned the fan for the air conditioning to cover the barking.  And we slept pretty well.

Twice during our stay I was jolted when one of the legs to the bed broke loose and the bed became tilted and slanted my way!  Actually, it was pretty funny!

In the morning I went to the office to find out where the Post Office in town was located.  So I casually mentioned the broken bed..  The innkeeper was astonished to hear about the bed and felt badly that our night had been so disrupeted.  He actually raided the till and gave me $50.00 back.  I insisted he didn't need to do that, but he was adamant.  Bonus!

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