Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dubai International Airport

Dubai is now the busiest international airport in the world.  There are three terminals.  Emirates has it's own - it is now the biggest airline in the world. 

We flew in and out of Terminal 1.  It has a very nice shopping area and a few eating spots.  

You can shop til you drop...

And then sleep if you like in a snooze cube.  Sounds a bit creepy to me...

We got to the airport early.  Our flight left at 12:45 am (middle of the night Sunday).  

You go through about three baggage screenings - including one in the waiting area just before boarding.  Our flight to DC was pretty much full.  

There were strong headwinds so the flight was about 15 hours long.

From what I could see on the map and out the window we flew northwest over Bahrain and then clear across Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea and the Nile River.  In Egypt we seemed to go northeast to the Mediterranean Sea, passing Turkey, Greece and Italy.

I was watching movies, the map, and the terrain out the window - and dozing a bit along the way.  

Eventually we went over southern France and England before we got to the Atlantic.  It felt like we were searching for the path of least resistance.  Fortunately it was not a rough or bumpy flight.  7,100 miles...

I watched most of five movies - Cinderella, Into the Woods, Everlasting Tuck, Mission Impossible Rough Nation, and Days of Sumner.  Only got up twice. It was a quiet crowd.  We ate twice with a couple of light snacks.

This is a city in Saudi.  There were huge dark area in the desert.  I could make out the Red Sea and the Nile River.

This was along the Nile River.

We had a quick turnaround in DC and a longer time in Chicago.  Had a tasty breakfast at Wolfgang Puck before the short flight into Milwaukee.  Our friend Ned was there to pick us up and take us home.  So grateful for safety and smooth connections.  

It's nice to be back in the USA - and sleeping in our own bed!  Grateful for a very worthwhile time in Dubai.  We learn so much and meet so many incredible new friends.  Would highly recommend such opportunities!  Life changing for sure.  Also great reminders of our own freedoms and opportunities in the west.

Let's talk soon!  There's so much more to share!

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