Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So long, farewell...

Went out for lunch with a few dear friends today.  Great fun, meaningful conversation, wonderful food!

Would recommend this Lebanese restaurant in Uptown Mirdif!

Made my last trip to the grocery store this morning.  Was kind of sad - I'm just feeling like I know where everything is in the store!  And I'm finally used to having all the fruits and vegetables weighed before going to check out.  

I got out the suitcase and started packing  today.  Don't feel a need to carry clean clothes - will wash and pack them away for the winter when we get home.

There is wind and rain in the forecast during the night.  Wonder if we will hear it...not feeling like getting up at 3:00 am to see it!

Looks like it will be in the mid 50's when we get home on Sunday.  I have a light jacket with me but will be in summer clothes and sandals. 

Going to read a bit and hopefully sleep well tonight...

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