Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ready for bed at 7:30...

Preparing for a gathering next week...on my feet all day cooking and baking...yesterday and today.  So, I'm toes up and ready for bed.

BTW -- last weekend there was some kind of Candy Crush event at the City Center Mall.  Any fans out there?

I went to a local mall today to get some food items not available at City Center.  The wind was blowing and sand was swirling on the roads.

Here is the larger than life entrance to the Ethad Mall...with the country's leaders honored.

Tomorrow our friends hosting us are having a farewell luncheon for us.  Don't know the details yet but looking forward to it!  We love the Middle Eastern food so we will enjoy almost anything.  

Earlier today I felt like a toothache was in the making.  Now I don't feel it.  Sure hope it was a false alarm!

All for now.  It's jammy time!

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